caregiver and patient looking at each other
You don’t have to worry about being alone and lonely. Our warm and friendly companion is always at your service.

The purpose of our companion care service is to help families ensure that their senior loved one has a reliable companion who is dedicated to providing assistance on their day-to-day activities. Depending on the level of their needs, our pleasant, friendly, and helpful caregivers are available and can spend a few hours monitoring their patient. We at Love Cottage Healthcare value the welfare of your senior loved one as much as you, as family members, do.

Qualified Caregivers at Your Service

Our caregivers are flexible when it comes to delivering services. Apart from providing seniors with the basic home care services, they are also well-versed in being a companion. They can do the following:

  • Maintain socialization and communication skills through frequent interaction and friendly dialogue
  • Assist with walking or moving
  • Accompany patients to appointments, errands, or events
  • Provide grooming and cosmetic assistance (brushing hair, applying makeup, filing and polishing nails) to improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Perform light household tasks (preparing meals, doing laundry, straightening living areas, etc.) to make the home environment pleasant

Companion Care Matters

Love Cottage Healthcare understands how frustrating and depressing it is being alone and lonely at home. That is why we offer a companion care service to seniors to prevent the feeling of isolation that can ruin the quality life they desire. With our warm and friendly companions, seniors will surely have a convenient way of living.

What’s with Human Connection?

There’s nothing more sincere than being able to take care of your senior loved one in person. But because of your busy schedules, being hands-on when it comes to caregiving may not be a priority. That’s when our caregivers come in. We strongly believe that being able to spend even a few hours on their side can have a great impact on their part. It is in this way where seniors can feel that someone out there is willing to accompany them whenever they need a helping hand.