Home and Community Services (HCS) Provider


Love Cottages serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who desire to live in residential areas within the community, allowing them to live in the least restrictive setting possible in group homes.
We ensure the highest quality of care for our individuals and we express love, care respect and empathy while giving them the quality of care for growth and well-being.


Diligently respecting, caring and loving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities always. Ensuring our individuals receive the quality of life they deserve, while responding to their daily needs.



  • Constantly striving for excellence
  • Community integration
  • Individuals and their family members satisfaction
  • Optimal level of love, care, growth and well-being.
  • Guaranteeing Individuals freedom from Abuse. Neglect and Exploitation
  • Acknowledging the rights of individuals including the right to the religious activity of their choice.
  • Implementation of support and training programs.
  • Good working relationship with staff providing care.



We work with individuals and their families to accommodate their needs within available resources.


Individuals must have or be eligible for SSI and Medicaid/Medicare benefits.
Individuals must be eligible for the Texas HCS waiver benefits.


CORD’S LOVE COTTAGES Loving others in need, unconditionally.


PHONE: 281-717-0086
FAX: 346-303-6043
Email: Cordeliamusa@yahoo.com

  • a mentally disabled woman and two caretakers cooking together
  • two caretaker and a mentally disabled woman makes a music therapy
  • two friends with disability in rehabilitation center, watching digital tablet
  • Caregiver and mentally disabled women learning at the computer, special education
  • Woman is showing a mentally disabled woman a flower in meadow
  • caregiver and mentally disabled woman playing with balls
  • Teacher And Students Eating Lunch In High School Cafeteria During Recess
  • Young Girl Student Prepare Report Seminar Standing At Platform In Classroom
  • Happy friends, men with disability socializing through internet
  • a mentally disabled woman playing a tambourine
  • Happy mother and children placing glasses in dishwasher